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Friends of the Environmental Studies Center
P.O. Box 522161
Longwood, FL 32752-2161

Your support of the Center and and the programs for the students is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your interest in the Environmental Studies Center and your participation throughout the year as a volunteer and supporter of many of our activities.

Join Us for our Monthly Meetings at the Environmental Studies Center.

Friends Meetings

Environmental Studies Center
Osprey Room or Work Room

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At a Special Session of the Friends of the Environmental Studies Center, an Environmental Studies Center Program Funding Committee was formed. Five Sub-Committees are currently working toward our goals. The Each Sub-Committee welcomes new members. If you are interested, please come to one of the meetings. You may comment below, or e-mail at TheFriends@seminolemudwalk.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Corporate Level Sub-Committee
  • Public Relations and Advertising Sub-Committee

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