Please Support the Mud Walk!

Your donation to the Seminole County Public Schools Environmental Studies Center will preserve the two-day Mud Walk program, a unique educational opportunity for all  fifth grade students, as well as an opportunity for first grade students to attend a one-day, custom designed program for our young learners. Students who participate in the Mud Walk and grade one program learn first hand about Florida's unique ecosystem and are provided with hands-on experiences that develop a deeper understanding of Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Any size donation is appreciated or join our Fund Raising Committee to help keep the Environmental Studies Center open so that we can offer the 5th grade program(The Mud Walk). 
Checks, credit cards and online donation information is available on the SCPS Environmental Studies Website.

Good News!
Thanks to the Generous Support of the Community we will be open for for the 2011-2012 school year. We still have work to do to secure the future of the Center.
We are extremely grateful for the ONE time grant that will be shared with the Student Museum. This grant was given by a unanimous vote by Seminole County Board of County Commissioners.

Thanks to the 7 schools collecting Mud Bucket donations totaling $3,194.64.

While the first chapter in the Funding Crisis Story has a happy ending, we must continue to raise funds. As the schools will face more funding cuts in the coming years.

We now are able to accept online Donations.
Click here to Donate and Help save the Mud Walk.

The Problem continued in 10-11 but we were able to offer the programs to the Seminole County Fifth grade.  With your help this will not be the last group of Fifth graders to experience the MUD Walk.

Thanks to you, our doors were open for the 2010-2011 school year. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue educating the students of Seminole County about the world in which they live and depend upon for a healthy environment.  "Thank you!" to the School Board for keeping the Environmental Studies Center open.  The budget allocation is extremely difficult with the cuts and The Friends of the Environmental Center are pleased that the School Board recognizes the value of our programs.

Using the State Office of Demographic Research numbers SCPS is preparing for a budget decrease of 15% (estimated at $65.5M) for 2009‐2010.
The budget cuts are severe in all schools, programs and departments county wide.  Again we must show our support for the programs on March 24th at the Educational Support Center.  Also if possible donate time or money to this cause.  Please remember no amount is too small.  Giving up one dinner out or one movie might make the difference so that another year of Seminole County's fifth graders can experience the full MudWalk program.

The Problem began in 08-09
The failure of the 2008 Florida Legislature to properly fund public education has resulted in budget cuts throughout the Seminole County Public Schools. With much effort, the School Board was able to budget almost $135,000 to keep the Environmental Studies Center open with one day for fifth grade. However, Fifth Grade is a two-day program. The cry became, “Save the Center Programs!”